Linnuk – the mighty ship that took Kalevipoeg, hero of the Estonian national epic, to the end of the world, gives its name to a duo roaming, sailing, and drifting on the fairy-tale-like landscapes of Estonian traditional songs.

Helen Saarniit

A polyglot and traveller with South Estonian roots, fascinated by adventures to other cultures. A creative spirit ready to experiment endlessly.

Sulev Reisberg

Researcher and engineer enchanted by the Estonian runic song tradition, as well as our tech guy turning all the right buttons. With his feet firmly on the ground, yet often turning to the paths of olden times and songs.

Marju täüs - Debut album by Linnuk

Marju täüs albumi pilt

Linnuk’s debut album Marju täüs was released on 15 June 2022.

The album contains seven arrangements based on Estonian traditional songs, enriched with modern electronic sounds. We have also researched the origins of each song and added abundant visual archive materials to the descriptions, thereby aiming also to shed light on the history of Estonian folklore research. Read more about the songs here.

The album Marju täüs was released digitally and is available on all major streaming platforms.

Expore the songs:

Palju sõnu

A song by the wedding singer in praise of the bride or the groom. Read more about the collection of traditional songs and the composer Juhan Aavik.

Kiigu liigu

A new take on a shepherd’s song transcribed in 1932. Read more about the legendary folklore researcher Herbert Tampere and the original singer.


A swing and nature song with a modern arrangement. Read more about the spirited singer Mari Kilu and the museum activist August Pulst.

Mure mure mure

A new take on a traditional song from Mõniste about an anxious heart. Read more about its original performer Pauliine Pehlak and the composer Eduard Oja.